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Does towing damage my car?

While I can’t speak on behalf of all Denver tow truck companies, but not here. We take great pride in assuring damage to any car or truck does not occur while loading and towing. We have all recommended equipment and types of trucks to tow various vehicles including cars, trucks, motorcycles and heavy-duty vehicles.

Is there a specific way different makes and models have to be towed?

Most don’t know this, but yes there is. The manufacturer of a specific make and model creates guidelines which are made available. All our drivers have access to these on-hand and uses them to assure each car and truck is towed specifically to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

How is the training of the drivers done?

When we’re looking for new employees we take into experience into consideration, but during the onboarding process we conduct across the board training to make sure every employee has the same knowledge. We also conduct ongoing training, annual safety training and regular quality assurance evaluations.

Do tow truck drivers have to have a special endorsement on their liscence?

No, the Denver state DOT does not have any requirements to drive or operate a tow truck. We on the other hand require all our drivers to undergo special pre-employment training and ongoing training when new equipment and trucks are introduced.

Can low-rider cars and trucks be towed?

Yes, but be sure to ask the tow company you’re talking to first if they have low-suspension flatbed trucks. Flatbeds with lower suspensions are needed which is something many Denver towing companies don’t have which is needed to not cause damage to the underside of your vehicle. We have them all over the Denver area 24/7.

Can a motorcycle be towed safely?

Yes, but not by all tow truck companies. It takes spacial equipment to tow a motorcycle safely without causing damage to the bike. We have the ability to load, securely strap and tow motorcycles short and long distances.

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