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Five Types Of Trailer You Should Know

The trailers are very commonly used both by companies and individuals. For transport companies, it is very useful, since it allows you to have extra space for cargo.

A clear and simple definition to easily understand what we mean. The trailers provide valuable flexibility for enterprise mobility or transportation. They offer the possibility to choose whether or not more cargo space is needed.

Each type of trailer has different characteristics. Depending on the use that will be given and the needs of the company, one type or another will be necessary.

1. Trailer hitch

It consists of a minimum of two axes and at least one steering axis. It transmits to the vehicle that carries it a load of less than 100 kg. The hitch ball can be:

  • Fixed: it is the simplest and most economical, normally used by individuals.
  • Detachable: it is more sophisticated since it allows you to hide the hitch when it is not going to be used.
  • Monoblock: it is the most used by industrial vehicles and all-terrain due to its greater consistency.

2. Trailer with central axle

The central axle trailer is characterized by having axles located near the centre of gravity of the motor vehicle. Your hitch device cannot move vertically with respect to the trailer.

3. Semitrailer

It is what we commonly understand by the trailer. In this case, the trailer does not have a front axle. It is coupled directly to the traction vehicle, transmitting part of its load.

4. Agricultural trailer

It is the type of trailer with a more specific utility. As its name implies, it is the one that is attached to the machinery for agricultural work. Over the years it has become an indispensable element in any field activity.

5. Caravan

Finally, painters Denver CO talk about a type of trailer very different from the rest: the caravan. Its use is exclusively between individuals since it constitutes by itself a mobile home. The interior of a caravan usually has everything you need to live in it: bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.

Now you know the five types of trailer. None is better than the others. Depending on your needs or preferences, you can acquire one or the other. Take advantage of the extra load that the trailer can offer you.

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